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Alexandertechniek Opleiding Nederland (ATON)

The teachers: who are we?

The founder and director of the training course is Arie Jan Hoorweg. In 1977, Arie Jan completed his three year training course in the Alexander Technique. He was trained in London by Walter and Dilys Carrington who were themselves students of F.M. Alexander from 1936 to 1939. They worked as Alexanders assistants and thereafter took over the training course with others when he died in 1955. After completing his training course, Arie Jan taught privately for 10 years and thereafter started the training course in the Netherlands in January of 1987. Before his training in London, Arie Jan studied physical therapy. In addition to running the school and teaching privately, Arie Jan presents workshops and teaches the Alexander Technique at the Utrecht conservatory.

Besides Arie Jan Hoorweg there are two assistent-directors, namely Anna Koolen and Wilberd Bakker.

Anna Koolen has a background of training, personal coaching and supervision, consultancy and project management (in the youth care and mental healthcare). She studies the Technique since 1995 and did the teacher training at the Alexander Technique Training Course of the Netherlands (ATON) in Amstelveen. She teaches since Juli 1999.

Wilberd Bakker graduated at the ATON in 2000. Before his training he studied mathematics and singing in Amsterdam. Besides teaching mathematics he joined the Netherlands Vocal Ensemble for 10 years and directed several choirs. Nowadays he teaches the Alexander Technique at the Utrecht conservatory and gives private lessons in Deventer:

Beside this three teachers we have another group of teachers at the school. These are the new graduates or teachers with more experience. This group fluctuates per trimester.

The ratio teacher:student is 1:5, in other words there are two or three teachers present every day. The combination includes one or two main teachers and one teacher of the alternating group.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010