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Alexandertechniek Opleiding Nederland (ATON)

The Alexander Technique

Nowadays, we've become so imprisoned by our quick and busy lifestyles that we barely devote any time to ourselves. This results in an insensitive way of reacting to the literal collapsing of our bodies due to an overload of stress.

Through years of continual neglect, our efficient system of coordination between different mechanisms and balance, strongly recognizable in small children, is disrupted. Unfortunately, resuming good use of our coordination and it's accompanying subtle muscular activity cannot be simply resolved by exercising or "doing our best". As it turns out, we also deal with reactions, which, when we're not forcefully "doing our best" are given the appropriate space to work efficiently and effortlessly support our bodies movements.

The intense study of these reactions is where Alexander made his most important discoveries. Through practical investigation, he developed a technique which helps us to allow the collaboration of our subtle mechanisms to fuction in an uninterrupted way, in order to resume our innovative balance mechanisms, which in turn allows us to enjoy a greater freedom of movement.

This website provides you with information about Alexander Technique lessons and the teacher training course.

Friday, November 20, 2009